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What We Do For You.

Atkins Steelcraft can provide you with a range of services across all scales.


All workshop drawings come with a complete material list, bolts list, Erection bolt list, and assembly list for transporting to site.


Any report you want be can be generated; From paint finishes to galvanised steel list and many more. It is only limited by your imagination.


Structural steel drafting for refurbished buildings is a popular option with many developers, This is one area where Point Cloud 3D Scans are utilised.


Brad has had many years of experience in Structural steel and also Gas plants and mining projects. We have the experience to be able to identify problems at the drafting stage that can be resolved before the project arrives on-site.


From original concept right through to completion, Atkins Steelcraft can provide you with the expert advice and drafting skills to ensure your commercial project is on time. 


A structured and professional RFI system is utilized, so all queries throughout the project are recorded and filed for future reference.


These files are stored indefinitely in the event they are required in the future.


Atkins Steelcraft is also proficient with all forms of handrails and design, including monowills systems and industrial applications such as caged ladders, kick-plates and floor grating .


Take the guess work out of your next job, simply provide the dimensions required and let Atkins Steelcraft do the rest.

drafting Precast panels shop drawings


All shop drawings are generated in PDF format or any other extension that you may require, which gives you the flexibility to produce the drawings in any size required. Hard copies are also available and supplied on request.


Another advantage of 3D modeling is that the update of drawings is quicker, as all 2D drawings are linked back to the 3D model, so any changes within the model itself are automatically reflected on the design drawings.

In essence, this means quicker (and cheaper) turnaround times for you, resulting in less down time and a shorter "concept to creation" period.


While some clients may have difficulty interpreting drawings, and visualizing their product in the 2D environment, a detailed 3D model allows you to instantly see what the final creation will look like at completion. Brad is an experienced steel detailer Brisbane and Gold coast.

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